So it begins,

I’ve often flirted with the idea of blogging, preached to the importance of if nothing else keeping your own personal knowledge base. However it is something that I myself have just never gotten around to doing. So here we are, I’m out there live and online. I really don’t expect many people to ever read this, aside from the occasional lost individual looking for the same answer I was searching for at one point or another, but after 15 years in IT I’ve come to a very startling revelation, and that is that I have forgotten much more then I currently know.

Lost is the years I’ve spent figuring out how to setup BIND the hard way. Configuring what is now know as a LAMP server. Spending countless hours in FreeBSD trying to get a simple shared key IPSEC VPN to connect.

Offering complete web,email, database, and email services out of my 1 bedroom apartment try to just pay for my new DSL line, that I split with the guy 2 floors up, as we tried to hide the CAT5 in the cable conduit. Today’s on demand, cloud-oriented environment does it even matter?

The short of it is, that I’m not blogging for fame nor fortune, if nothing else I am looking just for a way to “organize” my thoughts hold on to ideas, and maybe provide some record for my children who might one day want to know who their father really was.