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How I met your girlfriend

Great security primer, XXXS,

Check out Mining the Social Web

Interesting approach to DIY data mining. Using github python scripts, to harvest information from Facebook, Twitter and linkedin. Complete report generation, this is quite a powerful book.

Check out this book on the iBookstore:

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Mining the Social Web

Matthew A. Russell

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WebTechNick: CakePHP File Upload Plugin

David Persson’s media plugin


This is a CakePHP application that can be used to handle media uploading.

Miles Johnson CakePHP uploader

An all around general purpose file uploader for CakePHP. Packaged as a stand alone plugin with file validation, file scanning and support for a wide range of basic mime types.


CakePHP Wizard Plugin

The Wizard plugin for CakePHP automates several aspects of multi-page forms including data persistence, form preparation and unique data processing, wizard resetting (manual and automatic), user navigation, and plot-branching navigation while maintaining flexibility with custom validation and completion callbacks.